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Add onto Your PHP Knowledge with 30 Expert Tutorials

Internet realm is vast and does not limit itself for some basic development tools. It has diverse development tool kit in which PHP has a very significant role. PHP is an awesome tool and can develop desired website. Keeping this in mind, I am posting this perfect PHP round up article for those who are not expert but they want to be.

The post includes 30 PHP Tutorials which definitely will add on your knowledge. Click at your favorite tutorial, learn and develop something new and creative.

Create A Shoutbox Using PHP And AJAX (With jQuery)

Twitter API: How To Create A Stream Of Messages Monitter-Like With PHP And jQuery
Resize And Crop Photos With PHP’s GD Library
Getting Started With PHP Regular Expressions
How To Automatically Linkify Text With PHP Regular Expressions
Using The PHP Include Function To Template Faster
PHP & MySQL File Download Counter
Making A Google Wave History Slider
Client Testimonials Powered By PHP, XML And jQuery
Quick Feedback Form With PHP And jQuery
Simple Bookmarking App With PHP, JS & MySQL
“Who Is Online” Widget With PHP, MySQL & jQuery
Making A Cool Login System With PHP, MySQL & jQuery
How To Implement A Launching Soon Page With PHP And jQuery
A Simple Open Source Todolist Written In PHP And jQuery
Building Your First Simple CMS
Carbon Fiber Signup Form With PHP,jQuery And CSS3
Latest Post Blogroll Slider With jQuery And PHP
Using The Dribble API With PHP
Simple Banner Rotator With PHP,jQuery & Mysql
Fresh Sliding Thumbnails Gallery With jQuery And PHP
Feature Suggest App With PHP, MySQL & jQuery
Ajax-Enabled Sticky Notes With PHP & jQuery
Making A Slick Content Slider
How To Set Up A Local PHP/MySQL Development Sandbox For Windows And OS X
PHP Components : Autosuggest
Combined Facebook, Twitter & RSS Social Stats With jQuery, PHP & YQL
An AJAX Based Shopping Cart With PHP, CSS & jQuery
Making A Donation Center With PHP, MySQL And PayPal’s APIs
How To Create Your Own Stats Program (JavaScript, AJAX, PHP)

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