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Gain WordPress Proficiency with 40 Adept Tutorials

WordPress has always been important as it opened the gates for naive and beginners users to have their own websites, maintain it and learn the new techniques. The importance of WordPress is indeed unprecedented. Now the importance is a  lot so why not start learning it without facing a lot of problem. Keeping this in view, I have compiled some of the most significant and practiced WordPress tutorials.

The post includes awesome compilation of WordPress Tutorials for experts as well as for beginners. Start using them and learn the techniques you always have dreamed off. Even if you are expert you will quickly find one of the given tutorials useful for your consumption.

5 tips for using AJAX in WordPress

Custom WordPress Homepage with Customizable Widgets

Customize WordPress login logo without a plugin

Automatic WordPress Thumbnail Without Custom Field

10 Features to Look Forward to in WordPress 3.0

10 WordPress query_posts tips

Advanced Power Tips for WordPress Template Developers: Reloaded

Add Thumbnails to WordPress with Custom Fields

Get to Know the WordPress Hierarchy

Control your own WordPress custom fields

How to automatically use resized images instead of originals

How to Build a Custom WordPress Theme from Scratch

How to Create a Better WordPress Options Panel

How To Create a WordPress Theme: Ultimate WP Theme Tutorial

Create a Theme Development Environment for a Live WP Site

Declare Multiple Widgetized Areas

Custom CSS Per Post

Highlight WordPress Category when on a Single Post: Tutorial

Creating Helpful and Effective WordPress Archives

How to Create an Author Info Section in WordPress

How to Customize fonts in WordPress blog with CSS3

How to: Embed CSS in your posts with a custom field

How To Design A Clean and Minimal Portfolio Website

How to Implement Ajax in WordPress Themes

How To Make A Dynamic jQuery Feature Post Slider For WordPress

Make Shortcodes User-Friendly

How to Split WordPress Content Into Two or More Columns

WordPress hack: Show your top contributors without a plugin

WordPress Theme from Scratch – Day 1: PSD

Your New WordPress Website Step By Step. Beginner’s Guide

WordPress 3.0 Features Walk Through

WordPress Breadcrumbs Without a Plugin

Styling Different Posts in Different Ways With Post_Class

Remove/Replace Content from the WordPress Database

Showing Random Posts In WordPress

jQuery Dropdown Navigation in WordPress

Using HTML5 elements in WordPress post content

The Easy Way To Make WordPress Ajax Pagination Using jQuery

The Essential Elements of your First WordPress Design Site (Part 1)

WordPress functions.php Template with 15 Essential Custom Functions


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