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25+ Interesting After Effects Tutorials

Technology is rapidly evolving with every passing day with new research and development appearing in almost every field of life. Similar is the case of technological advancements in after effects techniques. After effects has seen many developmental phases in the past decade and the designers who pace up with the updated knowledge of after effects techniques (through learning or tutorials) are always successful. Here are 25+ interesting tutorials of after effects techniques so that you keep yourself updated all the time.

Fracture Design

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to fracture layers and manipulate in 3D space with ease and how to use expressions, scripts and create a distressed title.

Kung Fu Energy Ball

In this new tutorial from Pro Juice, Nick takes you through the steps of creating an energy ball with the Particle Filter in Adobe After Effects. Using a layer of smoke, blurs, colour correction and some masking techniques, Nick shows you how to create the energy ball, give it a burning hot spot, animate it to fly towards the camera and reflect off the nearby fence.

The Pusher

In this video tutorial, Eran Stern creates a watery liquid push effect and color corrects the shot using the bundled Color Finesse plug-in.

Bessie Potter

In this video tutorial, Michael Park demonstrates how to make a dark, cloudy title reveal similar to the one seen in the “Movie Which Must Not Be Named.” All textures and fonts are available in the project download as well as the final CS4 project file.

Light Streaks 2

Learn how to use light streaks with live action footage and enhanced coloring method and 3D layer control.

Speed Particles

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to use expressions to drive particles based on speed and how to create sandy like particles that fly off of text.

Dynamic Bar Graphs

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create a dynamic bar graph with customizable values and streamline graph production without sacrificing quality.

Keep Your Eye on the Ball… 3D in After Effects

Animating your After Effects design in 3D space is fun and, for the most part, easy to achieve. However, the camera and objects can have their own agendas in some instances, but a few tricks can change a seemingly uncontrollable camera animation into pure, cool cinematography…

Color Grade and Enhance a Horror Shot

In this first part James will teach how to create 2 scenes. First how to take a shot of a mansion and give it an intense and scary look through sky replacement and colour correction. Second we will take a shot of a stone gargoyle face and create a subtle yet creepy effect in which it frowns evilly at an oncoming victim. Be afraid…be very afraid.

Bitweiser Light

Problems with overerexposed footage? Need to work in 32bpc for nice depth of field and motion blur? Now you can! Convert your footage from 8bpc to 32bpc with new free plugin.

Growing 3D Vines

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a growing 3D vines and animate it using After Effects.

Colorful Universe

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to Create a dynamic space world with light streams and how to use an expression to create a 3D orbit.

3D Light Casting

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create an energy-ball that re-lights the road surface and use reverse-tracking and build a volumetric point light.

Blowing Flowers

In this video tutorial, CreativeCOW leader, Eran Stern demonstrates how to create flower trails using Trapcode Particular in this special holiday episode. You’ll also work with the light emitter and use 3D layer to obscure particles.

Energetic Titles

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to use Sure Target preset to achieve advanced 3d moves and will learn advanced tips and create “3d-looking” titles.

Futuristic HUD

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create 3D interface display as seen in Iron Man’s helmet and how to Build self-animating components and artificial lighting.

3D Motion and Position of Text Characters with After Effects

Typography is one of the qualities upon which we base most of our design work, and the type animation engine in After Effects offers a gamut of ways to express typographic flair. One of favorite is the ability to control the 3D motion and position of text characters. When combined with simple camera moves, depth of field, and some real-world studio tricks we use every day, the results can be—literally—powerful. Let’s get started.

Create a MoGraph Urban Jungle

In this tutorial Naim Alwan ventures outside of After Effects for a little bit of 3D Matchmoving to create this stunning Urban Jungle effect where vector graphics are perfectly tracked to some city footage.

Motion Typo Act.1: Tutorial video animation typography

In this tutorial We are going to learn to give life to our text, animating each word in a rhythmic animation, you will find a lot of things in this detailed tutorial.

The Birth Of A Logo

There was an explosion of characters and thus the Logo was born. In this tutorial we’ll be using some of the new options of Trapcode Particular 2 as well as some techniques with Trapcode Form to create an epic depiction of the first logo in history.

Lightning Strike

In this tutorial you will learn how to Add Rain & Atmosphere then build a Lightning Bolt and hwo to use Action Essentials 2 and make Sam explode.

The Dark Knight

In this 30 minute tutorial you’ll learn techniques and workflow used in Adobe After Effects and Illustrator to create the dramatic effect of the Batman icon shattering apart revealing a bright light source behind.

Jumbotron Column

In this extended tutorial learn how to identify the field order of footage and interpret it collectly; create a realistic Jumbotron-style look using CC Ball Action, Glow, Levels and Curves; turn the jumbotron into a 3D column mounted on grungy wire mesh using Zaxwerks 3D Layer Warps.

Glass Orbs

In this tutorial you will learn how to use After Effects to create shiny glass orbs in 3D and Create a spherical and reflection map from images.

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