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Google Products You Should Have Known Long Ago

Google Inc. is most commonly known because of its search engine and it is indeed one of the best product by Google, but there are many other innovative products as well that Google is developing them in  its Google Labs. Most of us have never even heard of these products which are equally important and beneficial for any webmaster. Following is an attempt to compile the list of best products by Google after its search engine.


You have question? Why not try Aardvark. It is great site to find answers of all your question quickly. Last year it was acquired by Google and still that time it is flourishing.

Experimental Search

+1 Button:

Google experiment research offers you three different search techniques. One of it is +1 Button which means you like the result and it can be recommended to you friends.

Keyword Shortcuts:

This is great and Google should implement it to the normal search results, as it helps users to navigate between searches using keyboard shortcuts.

Google SketchUp

Google SketchUp is 3D modelling software which helps you to create 3D models.

Image Swirl

Image Swirl is better image searching engine than Google Images because it uses your generic query & group down images related to those queries into different search results, as for example if you are searching for “Photoshop” it will groups images in Adobe Photoshop, Design Photoshop, hence making simpler for user to search for related images with a single query.

Art Project

This tool is for artists because it let them explore museums from around the world & view hundred of art work from the comfort of their home.

Google Scholar

Want to do some research? Google Scholar should be your choice. It is great researching tool.

Related Links

You have used this thing in WordPress when you used various plugins to show related pages to your post, Related Links from Google does the same thing it generate the list of related pages to the current page & display it to the user. Related Links works using Google search, it uses keyword for your title to search your site for related content & display them on your website. Currently this product is in limited to invited users only & you can ask for invitation by sending mail to relatedlinks@google.com

Follow Finder

There are many to tools to find followers on Twitter, but very few tools to find users with similar interest Follow Finder does it perfectly.

Browser Size

Browser Size is a really useful tool for web designer & developer, as it helps them to visualize what part of their websites it getting maximum attention from users and I think everyone should use this as it is great.

Page Speed

Page Speed is such tool recently made available online by Google where you can check the loading time for your website.

Google In Quotes

YouTube 3D Video Converter


Google APIs

Google Apps

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