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5 Best Blogs in the Art World

Any list pretentious enough to try ranking “The Best of (Fill in the blank) in the Blogosphere” is doomed from the get-go. According to recent stats, WordPress.com users produce about 500,000 new posts on an average day – and that’s only WorPress blogs we’re talking about. WallBlog UK recently tried to estimate the number of sites classified as blogs in 2010, and came up with roughly 150 million – a working number. With so much (and often opinionated) blogging going on, who’s to say whose opinion should count? Nevertheless, after much cross-checking and virtual leg work, we’ve given it a try.

The considerations for such a list are simple: highly visual and frequently updated blogs centered on innovative, fresh or just plain cool-looking artwork, followed by informative posts; and a design that does credit to the content. So here are the 5 Best Blogs in the Art World – at least for this week.

The Drawn Blog

Ranked # 1 on Invesp’s Top Art Blogs, Drawn humbly defines itself as “your daily source of inspiration for illustration, animation, cartooning, and comic art”. Navigation is simple – just scroll down and continue browsing by clicking on straightforward tags, and the design is clean cut –a grey background to highlight the fascinating content on the left. Topics range from the environment to Art Spiegelman, and anyone (anyone good, that is) may submit their work for publication.

Lines and Colors

Charlie Parker, and artist and a web site designer, founded the blog in the interest of prolonging any “Ah-ha!” moment you might have felt when looking at a new work of art. His passion is contagious (you need only read his About to want to take the guy out for a beer) and the works displayed are simply breathtaking. Plus, they are always followed by helpful links for further reading. The left hand site of the blog is dedicated to category links (anything from Pastel to Vector Art), as well as Parker’s favorite sites on the web. The right hand side includes some obligatory self promotion boxes, and further down you can find a list of new exhibitions all over America.


Art Inconnu

Underdogs of the Art World Unite: Art Inconnu, a blog devoted to out those “forgotten, under appreciated or little known” artists, gives long-due respect to painters you’ve never heard of. Set on a white background, the blog displays carefully chosen and beautiful works by Sir William Fettes Douglas (who?), Ilka Gedo (who?) and others (who?). There are over 350 artists in the blog archive, and the blog considerately categorizes the various collections.


Pen, ink, pencil, and watercolor – if you like sketches of flowers, animals, known figures, or practically anything worth sketching brilliantly about – Laureline’s got them. This is a blog that keeps things simple: archives on the left, recent posts and comments on the right, and addictive, eye-catching sketches center stage. Pay special attention to the food section: wedding cakes have never seemed so harmless.


Founded in 2005, Cgunit: Daily Drugs for Artsy People is an online gallery of art images from around the world. Sexy art, that is. Highly sexy, often nude. Sex sells, and the good people at Cgunit seem unusually adept in turning even the drunkest frat girls into artsy models. The images are often daring in a banal sense (a blonde giving head to a sword fish? Really?) but on the bright side – they are also often charming, very easy on the eyes, and just plain beautiful.

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