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30 Ajax Tutorials for Better Web Development

Ajax is considered to the one of the very best friends of web developers all over the world. However, your web development experience can only be improved when you get hands-on expertise on Ajax and its different techniques. One of the most effective ways to gain our grip on web development is through Ajax tutorials. Here are 30 Ajax Tutorials for Better Web Development for all my web developer fellows out there!

What’s AJAX?

Web 2.0 Cheatsheet for Ajax

Voting System with jQuery, AJAX and PHP

Vote up or down on any particular link, giving an indication of how well an article has been received. In this tutorial, you learn how to recreate this unique voting system using jQuery, AJAX and PHP.

To-Do List With PHP and AJAX

A to-do list that will allow you, or your user, to create, update, and delete items asynchronously.

Shoutbox using  AJAX (with jQuery) Tutorial

Create a dynamic ajax based shoutbox with jQuery from scratch!


Scriptaculous Lists with PHP

Special tutorial for Drag-and-drop effects

Nitty Gritty Ajax

In the course of this tutorial, we’re going to look at what Ajax can do. Then we’ll use a JavaScript class to simplify your first steps toward the ultimate in speedy user interactivity.

Monket Calendar

An Ajax enabled online calendar.  Drag and drop events to change dates, drag the start/end of an event to create multi-day events, create and edit events without refreshing the page.

Mastering Ajax, Part 1: Introduction to Ajax

“Understanding Ajax, a productive approach to building Web sites, and how it works”


It uses FormCheck2 for validation of fields and NiceForms to style form objects.



jQuery AJAX Delete

Removing contents with Ajax is a useful tool to have in any web designers kit. Using a few lines of jQuery we can remove a div and simultaneously remove a record from the database with Ajax

Integrate Google Calendar in Your Website Using AJAX

One of the features I find most interesting in Google calendar is the possibility to create shared calendars, but also the availability of your calendar as XML or ICAL whether it’s a private or public one.

Easy Calendar with AJAX and PHP

Create a calendar component using Ajax and PHP.  Allows you to navigate months without refreshing the page.


Dynamically Loaded Articles

In this script, you have a list of article titles at the right side. When you click on one of them, AJAX will be used to request the content of the article from an external file and show it in the main area

Continuous Pagination

Tutorial demonstrating continuous pagination, in which the user keeps scrolling down rather than going to another page.


Building Your First AJAX Application with PHP

An introductory post for getting started with AJAX

AutoCompleter Tutorial

This tutorial teaches you how to make those very cool input fields that auto complete based on what you type.


An AJAX-Based Shopping Cart

In this tutorial, you will create an AJAX-driven shopping cart and store all of the products in a MySQL database, using PHP to process the data. jQuery will deliver the AJAX on the page

AJAXify WordPress Comment Posting

Learn how to enable AJAX comments with client side JavaScript comment form validation on your WordPress blog.

Ajax Website Slider

This web slider will enhance your website and give it that extra something. This looks great, and is easy to make too!

Ajax Web Chat Application

Create your very own web chat using Ajax. This is pretty cool if you are looking to creating a live chat app for your website.

Ajax Username Availability Checker

Every once in a while you find a great usage of Ajax. One great usage is the user name availability checker.

AJAX Tutorial with Prototype

This tutorial shows how to build a zip code verifier.

Ajax Star Rater

This nifty little script allows users to rate just about anything you specify. It’s not tied to any platform, so you could literally use the script for anything that used PHP and MySQL.

Online Resources for Ajax Programming

Collection of Online Resources for Ajax Programming From Joshua Eichorn.

AJAX Made Easy

Build a calculator in AJAX!

Ajax IM

An incredible Ajax instant messenger that works just like Yahoo! messenger or any other IM client, except it’s embedded on the website as opposed to a desktop client. Ajax IM is incredibly robust, and could add quite a bit to your user’s experience.

AJAX:Getting Started

This article guides you through the AJAX basics and gives you two simple hands-on examples to get you started.

AJAX File Uploader Tutorial

Build an AJAX-powered component that can upload a file to a dedicated server and monitor the progress of a file upload request in real time.

 Ajax File Upload Tutorial

An easy tutorial teaching you how to make a simple Ajax file uploader Some neat graphics in this tutorial.

Ajax Contact Form

Learn how to create an Ajax contact form that emails the recipient without the page reloading.

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