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50 Designs of Astounding and Innovative Business Cards


This world may have gone virtual but a hard business card is still an appealing exhibit of professional identity. Gone are the days when business cards were simply a piece of card with basic information written on it with a plain design and a usual font. Today’s ever-increasing creative world has brought forward the idea of innovate business cards who not only serve the purpose of providing basic information about a person but do that with style and an impression that lasts. Such are the business cards that you want to get printed as soon as possible. Following the traditional rule of staying minimalistic, our post today features 50 designs of such innovate and creative business cards that are sure to amaze you as to what lengths human creativity can go.

Take a look at these considering them your inspiration and I’m sure you will already be thinking about a new design before the end of the post and if you better get it with in 48 hour print.

French Blue Letterpress Cards

Alex Timokhovsky Business card

Hoccus Poccus Card

 Plaid Business Cards

Triplexed Business Cards

Suite. Erotic shop

 Vintage Style Business Card

Orange Girl Letterpress Business Cards

Freq Nightclub

Space Invaders Business Card Design

Hot Popsicle

Orange Business Cards

Mindful Health

Plastic Business Card

New freelance business cards

Cocoa Labs Letterpress

Clear & Transparent Business Card

Morgan Dillard

Wooden Business Cards

Pop Grub

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