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Infrared Photography – 50 Stunning Examples

Photographs gives you memories and if you like to click, capturing good shots give you a sense of fulfillment. Prevalent are the times where you can take your passion of photography to even higher levels by editing them and giving them effects that make an already excellent shot amazing touches. Among the effects that include fixing the brightness, hue and color of the photo to give them a negative or sepia effect is infrared – which can generate some splendid and awesome photographs. By capturing the light which is not visible to the human eye, infrared effects renders a whole new outlook to a photograph. Our post today has 50 photographs with infrared effects that we have collected for your inspiration. Each one of these is more amazing than the previous one and are sure to motivate you to try this effect yourself. So let’s not hold you up any longer from looking at this amazing technique. Enjoy!

Infrared HDR Palmer Park Colorado Springs

Infrared Spaceship

Infrared on LSD

Infrared beneath the trees

Infrared House

Cinta Fitri

Garden – Infrared


Infrared Wreck

My Rinjani Dream (Infrared)


Urban Ghost Trees Redux

Fine if We Don’t, Fined if We Do


Infrared LI

Infrared Friesian

Infrared city

Infrared HDR Palmer Park Colorado Springs

Infrared Shot

Red Tree Infrared

Infrared Addict

Infrared Addict

Pink Tree Blue Earth Infrared

Country Road II Infrared

Moon Gate Infrared

Infrared Jonh Deere Harvester

Infrared Train Track

Infrared Dream

Jbm IR D60 080719

Circular Trellis Infrared HDR


Botanical Gardens

Laguna de Plata Infrared

Rugeley, Staffordshire

Polar Bears Could e Here?

Ice Age 4 Premiere in Amsterdam

Golden Waterfall

Pasir Ris Park

Tropical Garden Infrared

Fort Uitermeer, Silent Under Construction


Spring Wolni Infrared

Cavagna Ottavio

Crazy Car

Angry Mood

San Isidro

Horses Infrared

Merang, Setiu, Malaysia

Casa Loma

Wallaman Falls IR


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