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Smart Web Generators for Lazy Webmasters

Do you know that sometimes being lazy can make you smart? How so? When you are lazy, you try to find ways to do things the easy way and in search of that easy ways, you come up with some real smart stuff which is not only of use to you but you can also help others with it. Same is the case with webmasters who are so lazy that they tend to go for tools available online. Knowing that there are tons of such helpful tools available on the web, its a waste if you don’t use them and save time. For our post today, we have gathered 30 such tools which can come handy any time. So take a look at these and see which ones can be of your use. Lastly, i would like to thank those developers who developed these tools for lazy bums like us. Happy developing!

BG Patterns

Idee’s Multicolr Search Lab



SimWebSol Logo Generator

Favicon CC

Gradient Texture Maker


Post-It Note Generator

Color Scheme Designer

ColorWizard – ver 3.0


jQuery Function Builder





3D Pack



Button Maker

FavIcon Generator

Loader Generator


Web 2.0 Badges

Stripe Generator 2.0


Web 2.0 Bullshit Generator



Asma Abbas

Asma Abbass is a professional content writer based in Lahore. She has an aim to do something some day that breaks the modus operandi of her life.

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