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Tutorial – How to Create Action Highlight in Photoshop

Photoshop is basically a photo manipulation, photo effect and photo treatment software that can make you do wonders with your photos in your desirable manner. The most interesting thing about Photoshop is that you can do so many things with so many ways with utter ease and bit of experties. In today’s tutorial of How to Create Action Highlight in Photoshop, we are going to learn a fraction of these expertise.

There are many cases in which a designer wants to highlight or super impose a certain action in a photo as compared to the rest of the photo. For such a task, you need to learn to make the image so that the background looks less important as compared to the certian action being highlighted. The following tutorial will help you achieve this with small easy step. Once you are successful in making an action highlight in Photoshop, do let us know and share your experience with others as well!

Open your selected image in Photoshop.

As you will change and manipulate the image to a great degree, it is suggested that you Duplicate the Background Layer in order to preserve the original image. You can do it on the layers panel by copying the Background layer or go to Layer > New > Layer via Copy and get your background image duplicated.

Now is the step to Select the part of image you want to highlight. Use the selection tool of your choice i.e. Lasso Tool, Pen Tool, etc. to draw a selection around the main subject of your photo. For a perfect professional selection, it is suggested to use the Pen Tool, however, it requires practice and expertise and so Lasso Tool will work as well.

Now Copy the selection on to a New Layer so you can work on it seperately from the image. Place the copied image layer above the other tw layers.

In this step we will add Stroke or outline to the seperated image.  In order to do so, open the Layer Style box and select Stroke from its Styles option. Put the values in the Stroke box according to the following figure. Set the color of the Stroke to White (# ffffff).

By adding the Stroke, a white outline will be added around the selected figure.

Keep the Layer Style dialogue box open and apply another style to this layer.  Add Outer Glow to the image subject according to the following image. The Outer Glow effect will give more prominence to your image subject.


In order to enhance the color of the main subject image, we will add a Hue and Saturation to the image. Go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Hue/ Saturation.

Put the values in Adjustment panel according to the following image.

Now we will work on the Layer 1 which was duplicated from the Background Layer.  Select the Layer 1 and go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and set its value according to your requirement.

Once your desired Gaussian Blur is achieved, set the saturation of this layer according to the following image.

This is how it will look like after adjusting the Saturation.

Following image can show how your image will look as final product.

I hope that this tutorial has given you all the easy techniques reuired to achieve Action Highlight in Photoshop. Don’t forget to share your experience with us!



How to Create a Polariod Photos Collage Effect in Photoshop

Photoshop can do wonders when you know what and how to do different things with it. Photoshop is not only a professional software for photo manipulation and photo treating. On the other hand, it can be a good ameture photo treating software as well. However, when you are exploring this wonderful software, it is better that you start off by taking baby steps in your course of learning.

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30+ Wonders of Digital Art – Visual Delight From Michael Oswald


It is not simple to use ultra modern tools and gadgets to create something unique and aspiring. However, we are lucky to live in times of creative people with brilliant ideas which they translate by using the modern tools. Photoshop is one of it but an amateur cannot think of creating something like what Michael Oswald has done in the given list.

The digital artistic skills are high in demands because they can help you in creating the desired ambiance as compare to putting up sets and all the lighting. In the list you will see how an original picture has been transformed to a completely different outlook. It is amazing and super creative. Let us know if you like it.


40+ Free to Download HD Neon Textures

Textures play important role in any design and especially if designers get their hands on something unique like neon textures they certainly can do wonders with them. The given compilation is also one of a kind because it offers unique neon textures and also allow designers to download them from the free download source file. Textures are available in high definition with above 2000 px resolution. Thee year 2012 seems to be a perfect year to experience all kind of design experiences. So, take the best out of this year and use one of the given textures to enhance your design output.

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40+ Photoshop Tutorials of Most Used Web Interface Design

The level of your web design fluency does not really matter because it is always a good idea to get some inspirations and guidelines from experienced designer’s creations. The following photoshop tutorials are compiled to give you an insight to great world of building web design interface so, learn through useful Photoshop tutorials the technique of  building up a web interface all the way from start.

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HD Desktop Wallpapers of Natural Ecstatic Asian Tourist Sites


Today’s post is just to make you feel good about the beautiful nature which is hidden and appear. The ecstatic HD nature photography with some photoshop effect has created the given beautiful images. These are actual tourist spots in Asia. The images include from Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Thailand and other island countries. All you have to do is pick one for you click it enlarge it and place it at your desktop. I have selected mine! Hope you like the post and share it.

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